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Sri Lanka attracted FDIs over 16 billion USD since opening up the economy in 1978. In the year 2018, Sri Lanka was able to attract over 2.3 billion USD. The major sectors that received largest amount of FDIs are manufacturing, infrastructure development, tourism, and IT/BPO. Special focus for FDI promotion has been placed on export-oriented merchandise goods as well as services, with a view to enhance foreign exchange earnings and to diversify Sri Lanka’s export basket.


Priority Target Sectors

  • IT-enabled services -IT Software, BPM, KPM
  • Tourism -Hotels, Recreational Activities (Theme Parks), Adventure Sports & Leisure Facilities
  • High value-added apparel -Lingerie, Smart Textiles (wearable technology), Other potential high-value clothing items (especially niche products), Innovation & Research
  • Food processing -Fish / Seafood, Fruit and Vegetables, Dairy
  • Logistics -Transportation, Warehousing & Storage


“Radar”/“Aspirational” Sectors ( Sectors which offer medium- to longer-term potential for a compelling FDI offer, potentially within the time period of 4-years )

  • Fabricated metal parts
  • Education -Both vocational and higher education
  • Medical devices and pharmaceuticals
  • Solar panel manufacturing
  • Transport equipment
  • Automotive components, trailers, trucks, mobile cranes, body parts for motor vehicles
  • Value added Minerals

Reasons to invest in Sri Lanka

  • Gateway to the world – located in dynamic Asia with easy access to air and sea routes of the world.
  • Opportunities to further enhance the outreach to promote products once the proposed FTAs are in operation with China, Malaysia, Japan and Thailand in addition to existing FTAs with India, Pakistan and Singapore.
  • Growing economic Hub with favourable policies – Colombo Port City Project
  • Fast developing infrastructure - opportunities through the Western Region Megapolis Project
  • Strong policies in place for protecting international investors and business partners
  • Educated and Adaptable Workforce
  • New urbanization initiatives with new opportunities for investment
  • One of the lowest corporate tax rates in the region

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