Major Business in Sri Lanka


 (Source : Export Development Board Sri Lanka )

Agriculture Sector

Sri Lanka being an agricultural country, the sector still plays a key role in the economic development of the country. At present, agriculture sector contributes about 10.9 percent to the national GDP. Sri Lanka is a fertile tropical land with full of natural resources that has the potential to cultivation and processing of variety of crops. Around 500 Agriculture graduates, 65 Food Science graduates & 1,000 Agriculture Diploma holders enter into the job market annually. Tea, rubber, coconut products and spices, floriculture and livestock comprises of the main agricultural business in Sri Lanka. 
Leading business in the agricultural sector: 

Food and Beverages

Sri Lankan Food Manufacturers & Suppliers offer processed fruits, vegetables and juices, confectionery and bakery products, processed food, rice and cereals, biscuits, animal feed, and residues of the milling industry while Sri Lankan Beverage Manufacturers & Suppliers (besides tea) export mineral water, bottled drinking water and alcoholic beverages.

Leading Food and Beverages Companies: