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Business Counterparts

The following Sri Lankan companies have counterparts / associates in Thailand.

Baur and Company (Pvt.) Ltd. Sri Lanka.

Deals with import and export, distribution, manufacturing and agency business in agriculture, healthcare, industrial raw materials, airlines, travel, optics, machinery and engineering. Thailand Baur Asia Bangkok Hub is responsible for regional marketing.

Dipped Products PLC (DPL) and Dipped Products (Thailand) Ltd under the Hayleys Group.

DPL is a fully integrated rubber glove manufacturer. Dipped Products PLC is a public listed company under the Colombo Stock Exchange and DPL is a member of the Hayleys Group. DPL Palm-Pro brand medical gloves are manufactured in Dipped Products (Thailand) Ltd.

Chanlanka Int. (Pvt) Ltd.

Chanlanka Int. (Pvt) Ltd is specialized in industrial laundry equipment, water heaters, water purification plants (drinking water), and power generators in Sri Lanka. Chanlanka Int. (Pvt) Ltd has business counterparts with the Accurate Technologies Co. Ltd and Mazuma Thailand Co.Ltd.

Serendib Leisure Group Management Limited and Minor International Public Co., Ltd .

Minor International Pcl ('MINT') is a leading hotel owner, operator and investor in Thailand and in the region. MINT operates a number of hotels, joint venture hotels, Spa businesses in Sri Lanka under the management of the Serendib Leisure Management Limited in partnership with Hemas Group.

Benjarong (Pvt) Ltd. : Siam House provides authentic Thai Cuisines and the Siam House is the name for the Trade and Catering Fine dining Branches of Benjarong (Pvt) Ltd. Benjarong (Pvt) Ltd. is a Board of Investment of Sri Lanka and. Ceylon Tourist Board approved private limited liability company with technical collaboration from Thailand.

Paramount Impex (Pvt) Ltd: Importers of all kinds of Locks, Fittings and Taps Room bath etc. The Paramount Impex (Pvt) Ltd has Serin Corp., Ltd, Royalox Intertrade, Co., Ltd, and the Zenith Metal Industry Co. ., Ltd as their counterparts in Thailand.

Eastborn Express Pvt Ltd: is the Sister Company of the Paramount Impex (Pvt) Ltd and the Eastborn Express Freight Handling is from Thailand. Their counterpart is Marine Express Co., Ltd in Thailand.

MM Noorbhoy & Co. (Pvt) Ltd. Deals in Locks door and Building Materials.

Formica Thailand Co., Ltd. is the business associate in Thailand.

Lanka Furnishing House Furniture Imports from Thailand.

NB Foods (Pvt) Ltd .: Importers of Sugar, Canned Fish and Dried Fish from the following counterparts in Thailand: Sugar Industry Trading Co. Ltd, Golden Prize Canning Co. Ltd, and Bhagya Enterprise.

Gnanam Imports (Pvt) Ltd. Importers of Canned Fish, Thai Rice, Sago Seeds, sprats and Mung beans From Thailand.

Counterparts in Thailand: Golden Prize Canning Co. Ltd, PP International, Pacrim Resources Co. Ltd, Sirichai Intertrade Co. Ltd., CP Intertrade Co. Ltd, Bucha Export Co. Ltd, The Peace Canning (1958) Co. Ltd, Prime. Econ Co. Ltd.

Rajsons Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. Sri Lanka for Sole agents in Kiwi and Kom Kom Products Co. Ltd., in Thailand. Rajsons Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd imports Kiwi brand Knives and other kitchen utensils to Sri Lanka.

Maleehas Trading (Pvt) Ltd is in the business field of Import and Export trading and Expertise are more towards product Development and product sourcing in the Fashion APPAREL, Fashion accessories, Home Life style articles, RAW Materials such as Knitting, Fabrics, collar cuffs and. garment accessories. JJ markets, Platinum fashion Mall and Street markets, Night Markets, Chiang mai markets are few of the direct shipment counterparts in Thailand. "Thai MTC" is the registered sister company in Thailand to import the goods to Sri Lanka directly.

Promolanka Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. Imports glassware Products, Kitchen and refrigerator equipments, equipments and etc. Laundry Promolanka Holdings has the following counterparts in Thailand.

· Ocean Glass PCL

· Wellbilt Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd.

· Springmate - Mattress Industry Co. Ltd. and bedding Sompho

· PTT Public Company Limited

· Italian Thai Public Company Ltd.