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A residence visa is a license for non-Sri Lankan to obtain a special-purpose residential facility. It is issued to non-Sri Lankan nationals who have decided to extend their living facilities for investment or other purposes where the authorities are convinced that they are staying in Sri Lanka and pursuing their profession.

Visit Visas can't be considered for conversion into Residence.

Categories of Residence visa:

1.      Employment Category

2.      Investor Category

3.      Religious Category

4.      Student category

5.      Registered Indians covered by the 1954 Agreement

6.      Ex - Sri Lankan and dependants

7.      Family Members of a Sri Lankan

Visa Recommendation

BOI recommends visa application for all investors, employees and their dependents of the BOI approved projects under the section 16 & 17 of the BOI Law.

Visa Qualifying Criteria

On request of projects visas are recommended to the following categories of expatriates.

Investors not based in Sri Lanka

Investors who are not based in Sri Lanka, of the companies approved under Section 17 which have signed agreements are entitled for Multiple Entry Business Visa facility. Visa recommendations for such investors will have to be after verifying remittance of Foreign Direct Investment component of each and every investor. The names of such investors should be indicated in the agreement.

Director category

Foreign Investors who hold Senior Executive / Director Positions, remaining in Sri Lanka are entitled for resident visa facility and extension of such visas will be considered after evaluation of progress/performance of the project.

Expatriate Employee Category

Only key personnel required for the project are permitted to employ with prior approval of the BOI. Recommendation of visa for expatriate employees should be made after verifying the qualifications, experience of those workers and clear justification why the expatriate worker is needed without finding from locally.

Technical workers on contract basis for limited period

Contract technical workers for a limited period will be considered for specific assignment after evaluation of nature and investment of the mega project.

Requirement for application

The applicants under the above category can apply for visa with following supporting Documents.

- Relevant pages from the copies of valid passport

- Letter of recommendation from the company with justification

- Duly completed Visa Application Form in triplicate

- Documents in support of person's profession / Trade/ Vocation including

- CV/Resume

Visa Fees 


Fees USD

Per Person Per Annum

Recommendation for the Entry Visa of the Expatriate


Extension of existing Resident Visa for expatriates


Recommendation for the Entry/Extension Visa of the Investors/Shareholders


Recommendation for the Entry/Extension Visa of the Dependents of Expatriates (Spouse and children above 05 years up-to 18 years)


Recommendation for the Entry /Extension Visa of the Dependents of  Investor/Expatriates (Children below 5 years)


Recommendation for the Entry/Extension Visa of the Dependents of Investor (Spouse and children above 05 years up-to 18 years)


  Source: Investment Guide- 2014, Board of Investment of Sri Lanka 

     1)      How to obtain a Residence visa application form?Click here  

      2)      Where to submit Residence visa application?

        Submit the visa application to the Department of Immigration & Emigration, Colombo

      3)      What are the fees applicable to Residence visa?Click here 

      4)      What is the validity period of Residence visa? 

         Residence visa is valid for one year or Period recommended by the respective authority. It can                                                                          be renewed annually. Two years valid Residence Visa is Issued for Directors of the Company

      5)      How to renew my Residence visa? 

         Applications for the extension should be made to the Department of Immigration                                                                                                 and Emigration. 

        Download printable versions of the Application Forms here.