Thailand Business Potential

Business opportunities for Thailand 

The following sectors are actively promoted by Sri Lanka through the Board of Investment (BOI)

  • Agriculture (Agro Processing, Fish Based Industry, Dairy)
  • Tourism, Tourism Related Projects
  • Export Oriented Manufacturing
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Higher Education/Skill Development

Potential business opportunities for Thai investors in Sri Lanka.


  • Floriculture
  • Poultry
  • Aquarium
  • Fruit products which includes fruit processing
  • Tea products
  • Fisheries
  • Sri Lankan can be production base for Agro business and canned fish and canned fruit processing


  • Tourism and hospitality services
  • Hotel and resorts construction and management
  • Construction services (Department stores and apartments construction)
  • Retail and wholesale (consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, beauty products)
  • Medical services


  • Automobiles and vehicle spare parts
  • Garments and Textiles
  • Construction materials
  • Machineries and equipments
  • Cosmetic manufacturing
  • Consumer goods
  • Hotel Equipments and accessories
  • Medical equipments and Pharmaceuticals

Source: Board of Investment of Sri Lanka and “Huge Potential for Thai Investment in Sri Lanka” , Thursday, Octber 23, 2014 Daily News