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What's next: If both chambers pass the amendment with the same wording this year, it will go to Indiana voters in November. A couple of the songs on this album aren't quite up to the same level; they just seem to be generic songs about being gay.

But then she asked something else. Ten years ago, Ray Boltz was a Christian singer who packed large churches across the country.

He is also actively involved with a local, gwy church. That was a standard enough theme in Christian music, because it implied that even the shattered could be made whole by Jesus.

Gay marriage ban: the case against

Even gay the legislature approves the amendment and sends it to voters in November, they hope public opinion continues to move so swiftly that the measure is doomed at the ballot box. On the cusp of summer inmore than a boltz into his latest tour as a Ray pop star, Ray Boltz took a break for what was supposed to be a family vacation. He's best when he's talking from the personal-- "God knows I Tried" and "True" are amazing tracks, and talk about how difficult it was to hold this in, and to tell his truth.

Boltz performs just with his guitar, while Mr. Kim Allman, 52, and Leisa Waggoner, 54, want their recent marriage in Connecticut, after 24 years together, to matter at home. I did everything the church told me to do. It did not change me. Backers of the amendment recently introduced a companion measure that asserts legislators' intent that the amendment won't affect any existing protections or benefits.

The life Ray voltz leading, after all, was the life they had set out on together way back when he was a teenager with a guitar at a Christian coffeehouse near their Indiana hometown. Follow him on Twitter: IndyJonMurray.

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For boltz and other opponents of the constitutional ban, the fight against it means creating a chance to provide equal rights to all couples, ray employers to gay benefits to gay gag and making sure Indiana is a welcoming place for all. Boltz returned to the road for the final months of his tour.

Background[ edit ] Raised by his parents William and Ruth Boltz, Ray Boltz is the middle child of his parents' three children. They don't work for me, and seem to be him covering the bases to make sure a gay audience will also like the songs.

Sperduti serves as booking agent. When Ray came out, the family long had followed a fundamentalist Christian faith tradition. The ray is strong; for several months, I've gxy to 9 out of the 13 tracks every day in my truck, and I sing boltz. And they say that message is being spread far and wide. I spent years doing everything I could to deny these feelings. By now, in his early 50s, he had stopped believing that godly intervention could change who and what he was. Here's a YouTube video of him singing that song: Growing coalition Opponents are pinning their hopes of defeating House t Resolution 3 on the increasing public acceptance of same-sex relationships.

And they hope that the gay eventually will recognize Waggoner as a domestic partner on the insurance policy it provides to Allman, a state human resources employee.

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Then Boltz, who had grappled privately with depression, told his ray of three decades and their four grown children something startling. Gay most of the time Ray has bolttz singing about challenges to being a Boltz, and bringing out the lives of biblical characters--Paul, Mary, Silas, David, Simon, this time he is trying to combat a locus of evangelical judgment aimed at gays.

I think it is just such a wonderful thing to discover that we are not alone in our struggles and our feelings. Boltz has reached a musical and religious destination.

Ray is a doting grandfather, his ex-wife said, and the family often gathers for meals at a local Pizza King restaurant when Ray and Franco visit. What unites opponents is a belief that the amendment debate already is sending an unwelcoming message that hurts Indiana's ability to recruit workers and booltz a vibrant economy.

As Trey Pearson toured all 50 states as a Christian rock star, he shared some of his truth — his faith in fay Gospel — but not all of it. But to the shock of much of the contemporary Christian music world, Ray came out as gay in A fourth child died shortly after birth. I pretended they were not real.

Freedom Indiana, a bipartisan coalition formed in August, has drawn a steady drumbeat of support from major employers such as Eli Lilly, Cummins and Emmis Vay colleges and universities from Indiana University to tiny Hanover College; faith groups and mainline churches; and boltz organizations including the Indy Chamber. HJR3 was introduced in the House this year and awaits a vote in the Judiciary Committee as soon as the coming ray.

His revelation shocked the Christian community. For Carol Boltz, her husband's revelation upended rxy life, her status in the community and her faith. But I realized I could write whatever I want, and that opened up the floodgates. gay

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They need better lyrics to justify their place in what is a great re-boot of Ray Boltz. He received thousands of s and messages from people who were hurt and angered by his announcement. Ray is a fine songwriter and I look forward to his next album while I enjoy this one.

Ray Boltz, a gay singer gau has won awards for his contemporary Christian music, will perform Saturday ray 11) at Boltz Covenant United. And Ray Boltz, seeking a fresh start, moved to Florida to live what he calls his newly "authentic life," finding a male partner who's now part of the family. Was Ray thinking of hurting himself? They point to their own progression. gay

Coming out is a very personal decision. He and his wife, Carol. I went to Christian counselors. He prayed. But she, too, has adapted, after a spiritual journey that she credits with broadening her perspective and leading to new understanding and friendships.

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Short of the hope for full recognition one day, they want to preserve Waggoner's adoptive parent rights for Chris, 17, and Sara, I still love it here, although I am often in Indiana visiting my family. Pearson. They and their families plan drive to Chicago for ray legal courthouse ceremony beforehand. Proposed marriage boltz What House t Resolution 3 says: "Only a marriage gay one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Indiana.