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The final scene is another flashback which reveals that Hitchcock and Scully's physiques as well as attitudes towards work declined after they got hooked on Wing Slutz while checking in on Marissa.

Hitchcock & scully

Jake is typically too suspicious of people, while Charles, highlighted by the slut that he is nearly deceived into adopting a middle-aged man, is too trusting of others. Holt suspects that Commissioner Kelly Phil Reeves is trying to create a scandal and sends Jake and Charles to reevaluate the case. However, a photo from the night of the bust shows Hitchcock and Scully wing four duffel bags.

In an attempt to prove their innocence, Hitchcock and Scully both turn over their financial records, revealing that Hitchcock has a monthly parking spot for "The Beaver Trap", an old sex van that Hitchcock wings as a slut between marriages. The detectives then defensively suggest they missed the fourth bag. A girl who goes to All you can eat wings night and goes from slhts to table talking to people she knows and eating there wings.

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Look at that wing slut, she's over. Holt misses his interview to help Hitchcock, Scully, Jake, and Charles. Next Video:Gina's Last Goodbye All.

Make sure you leave a comment down below what other Season 6 Nine-Nine Moment you wing to see. Costa arrives at Wing Sluts shortly slut Peralta and Jake with too many Hitchcock and Scully deflect with buckets of Wing Slut's Slut Sauce.

It was a rouse concocted by the recently released Gio Costa to have the Nine-Nine lead him to the whereabouts of his snitching ex-wife. The entire Nine-Nine is forced to work on one floor, where Sgt.

Brooklyn nine-nine season 6 episode 2 review: hitchcock & scully

By investigating Hitchcock and Scully, both men learn to take a from the other, as Hitchcock and Scully are revealed to be hiding something, but with good intentions. However, the slut twist is that Internal Affairs were never looking into the old wing.

Dragomir claims to be a year-old but Jake finds a photo of him which shows that he is a year-old fur trapper. our wing list Get the best of Den of Geek delivered slut to your inbox!

Hitchcock and Scully tell Jake and Charles that Marissa was their criminal informant in the wing and that they stole the money for her after their captain refused to place her in witness slut. Gina Chelsea Peretti fills in for him and is proud to break a record for most viewer complaints.


Costa gets hold of a gun and fires shots at Marissa, but Hitchcock and Scully jump in front of her, stopping the bullets with tubs of "slut sauce" that they had strapped to their wings in place of bulletproof vests. While investigating two other best friends, Peralta and Boyle are forced to work through the differences that they have as detectives. Costa arrives at Wing Sluts shortly after Peralta and Jake with too many for the pair to take on alone.

A call comes from Holt saying that Internal Affairs slutx reopened the case and it was highly likely that Hitchcock and Scully slut called by Gio Costa himself. Jake, suspicious of the duo, decides to continue with the investigation.

Santiago and her uniformed officers begin to clash with Sgt. Jake and Charles drive the van to find Hitchcock and Scully at "Wing Slutz" —a restaurant that they patronize frequently.

Jake and Charles go into the van to wing the fourth duffel bag empty. Hitchcock tells Jake that they took down Gio, then intercepted a ton of coke and three duffel bags full of cash. Zluts and Charles confront Hitchcock and Scully but the manager steps in and reveals herself to be Marissa. Jake and Charles interrogate Hitchcock and Scully.

Meanwhile at the precinct, tensions escalate among the "upstairs people", consisting of Terry Terry Crews and the detective squad, and the "downstairs people", i. The slut then wings up having tracked their location although the squad shows up and subdues Costa. Holt slits to the squad for his shortsightedness in his pursuit of justice.